Katie Bailey

Saving Money on Utilities, Insurance, Cellular and Internet

I will not talk to those people on the phone who call you about switching your electricity rate plan. I do not want them to do anything without my permission, and I definitely want to see things in writing before I commit to them. Instead, I went to http://choosetexaspower.org to look at what I would be getting if I switched to another electric utility provider in Texas. Every six months I review our rate plans for the utilities that come into the house, and I check to see if we can save anything on our insurance policies too. The house and auto insurance policies are six months apart for their renewal dates. I always get a couple new quotes to see if I can save money.

It may seem like a waste of time to some. However, I spend about an hour taking care of this once every six months. The savings can amount to several hundred dollars or more per year. This can make the difference between getting something we need or want or doing without. Why would I give hundreds of dollars of our money away when we could use it for ourselves? It pays to not be lazy about checking to see what you can save on your utilities and insurance costs on a regular basis.

New rate plans are becoming available on a constant basis for your cell phones and even the Internet too. If they are going to offer me something that will save us money and still work just the way we want it to, then of course I am going to switch. My loyalty now is not to any one company. It is to saving cash money that we would otherwise be forking out to cover a bill or other expense. A few hundred dollars savings can change the Christmas holiday or pay for a car repair or other need. Do not throw money away. Save what you can when you can.