What Do You Look for in an Apartment?

So I am going to start looking for a new place to live soon, the place I am living now is okay up to a point, but that is the end of the story. I have started looking at apartments in Houston, but it is not going to be easy for me to fit in in my budget. Like most people I have a lot of expenses and I like to spend money on the stuff that is fun. I have a girlfriend and she loves to go out at night and have a lot fun. It is easier for you to think about the fun stuff when you are with her and never think about paying for it, but obviously you can not whip out the credit card for ever and ever without some guy eventually taking a pair of scissors to it. I actually thought that was going to happen the other night. I was pretty sure that they had not gotten my credit card payment and I gave that guy the thing before I thought about it.

At any rate I have been living with these three guys in this house a few blocks away from campus. The place looks like a frat house and some times it smells likes like something that you do not want to be around. I never paid the lease on a place myself though. I do not even know for sure who rented this place. I pay my share of the rent and the guy comes by every month. I do not know at what point he started talking to me, but at some point the other guys who had been there before me were gone and I was the guy who did the talking for all of the people in the house.

Working from a Makeshift Office

In fact we just rented some space above a little grocery shop in a densely crowded neighborhood. We do not have much office equipment, but there is not really a big need for it just yet. Right now we are looking at places that provide company secretarial services in Singapore, because what we really need is a receptionist to answer the phones for us. There are four of us working out of this place and none of us are going to be anchored in a desk chair eight hours a day. We all are moving around, in fact my schedule is going to have me in Vietnam, Malaysia and Manila over the next month. This about making sales and making deals, not shuffling paper. You go out and talk to clients and try to convince them to sign on the dotted line.
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My Soon-to-be Husband Has Given Me a Fantastic Gift

When I moved to be with my fiance, I was concerned what people would think of me. I know that anytime that I visited in in the past, the people who live and work there are so stylish and good looking. I am not that good looking, and I have a face that has many scars because of a past acne problem. My finance promised that we would look for a company that does acne scar treatment in Singapore once I arrived. He said that he had actually met other people who had it done, and thought the results were amazing. Not having a job yet, I told him that it might be something I need to do down the road, but he promised me that he would pay for it. It was wonderful to hear.
When I first arrived, my finace helped me to settle in. He first took me on a full tour of the city. When I had visited previously, I had seen some great sites. But many of them were tourist sites. During this tour upon my arrival, he wanted to make sure that I learned how to get around the city itself.
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Saving Money on Utilities, Insurance, Cellular and Internet

I will not talk to those people on the phone who call you about switching your electricity rate plan. I do not want them to do anything without my permission, and I definitely want to see things in writing before I commit to them. Instead, I went to http://choosetexaspower.org to look at what I would be getting if I switched to another electric utility provider in Texas. Every six months I review our rate plans for the utilities that come into the house, and I check to see if we can save anything on our insurance policies too. The house and auto insurance policies are six months apart for their renewal dates. I always get a couple new quotes to see if I can save money.

It may seem like a waste of time to some. However, I spend about an hour taking care of this once every six months. The savings can amount to several hundred dollars or more per year. This can make the difference between getting something we need or want or doing without. Why would I give hundreds of dollars of our money away when we could use it for ourselves? It pays to not be lazy about checking to see what you can save on your utilities and insurance costs on a regular basis.

New rate plans are becoming available on a constant basis for your cell phones and even the Internet too. If they are going to offer me something that will save us money and still work just the way we want it to, then of course I am going to switch. My loyalty now is not to any one company. It is to saving cash money that we would otherwise be forking out to cover a bill or other expense. A few hundred dollars savings can change the Christmas holiday or pay for a car repair or other need. Do not throw money away. Save what you can when you can.

Stopping Spam Here and Overseas Can Be Done

Years ago I would get an occasional chain letter. They were incredibly annoying. They warned that if I did not send out 10 copies that some awful fate would befall me. Well, over 30 years later, I am still here! I also could not stand it when I got on a mailing list. A prank back then was to put people’s names in to get them on a mailing list of something they did not like. Maybe a Republican might sign up a Democrat to get mail from the DNC. Now it is spam. And spam email reports used to not be any easier to get than it was to get off an unwanted mailing list back then.

Practical jokers might get a bunch of those cards in magazines and put someone’s name on it that they did not like. Then the person would get magazines and bills for subscriptions. I think that is a crime, but the practical jokers did it anyway. There was even a book on how to do that stuff to people to drive them crazy. Now the spammers have cornered the market. I think there should be a huge crackdown on spammers. I don’t care what country they are from.

Don’t think the United States could enforce foreign spam? I say we can almost overnight. Stop all incoming traffic from offending countries until they either work with us or set up their own strict policies and enforcement. Not having any emails would be a short-term problem to fix a bigger problem. Domestically, any email providers or systems could be blacklisted if spam reached a certain threshold from their servers. It would help them with the self-policing. Just think of all the grandparents that could be protected from spam that is taking their money. Something, anything, needs to be done to help stop the spam.

Transferred to the University of Utah

I got the paper work finished just in time and then I managed to get my grant money and my financial aid straightened out, but I had to enroll here in school before I was really sure that I could pay for it. I spent the morning looking at apartments in Salt Lake City Utah. Obviously I am looking for one that is very close to the campus. I figure that I need to be close enough so that I can walk if that is what I need to do. I know that my car is not going to do me a whole lot of good once it starts to get cold. That is a fair weather car, in fact it is probably going to get sold for junk before too long. That would save me a good bit of money and the truth is that I can live with no car quite well so long as I plan ahead and find a good location.

This car was really a huge pain last winter. It just does not like the cold weather and that is all that there is to it. The thing will take fifteen minutes to get warmed up and of course it is burning up gas the whole time. So I would shake myself awake and then go out in the cold to start it up, in my house shoes and my pajamas. Then I would go back in doors and get ready. The winter where I was is not any thing like it is here either. Salt Lake City is in the Wasatch Mountains, there are ski resorts within a half hour drive in just about any direction. Obviously they had the Winter Olympics here, but I do not remember what year that was. It wasn’t that long ago.